Joint Stock Company ,,CORDAX" - building company who's specialization is demolition-building-cleaning works. Company successfully doing geodesy metering, projecting, ground working, brick layering, plastering, painting, wood and roofering works. We are design of interior using glass, decorated wood, panes, stones, colored bricks, specially ornamented  blocks, metals; other construction components available as well. In duration of several years we got experience who helps optimize schedules of our tasks. Workers of our company - experienced specialists: groundworkers, bricklayers, carpenters, plasters, painters, designers: we take long-time guarantees of our jobs. In result, we can exactly set durations of our jobs depending from materials, sizes of squares and capacity of maintenance. We are trying to follow newest building technologies in Norway, other Scandinavian countries, Europe, USA and Canada. We are offering new composite and design ideas for our clients and we hope good and successful collaboration with You.

About this site. This site includes four groups of pages: ,,COMPANY", ,,WHAT WE DO", ,,WE ARE THERE" and ,,PHOTOGALLERY". Ever chapter includes groups of pages titled by specialization of chapter title.  Please see menu in top-left and select titled key. After pushing key, appears  submenu in front, bellow of the title ,,CORDAX". Ever submenu includes key ,,Back to Main Page", which returns in main page. In chapter ,,COMPANY" You can find information about structure of company: people, history, juridical status of registering, references of our clients, technical equipment of company and last news: offerings, technical renovation and new technologies. In chapter ,,OUR WORKS" You can find info about our jobs: projecting, demolition, groundworking, bricklayering, plastering, carpentry and others. This chapter includes fifteen groups of pages.  In chapter ,,WE ARE THERE" You will find phone numbers, emails and maps in Norway and in Lithuania. In chapter ,,PHOTOGALLERY"  includes five groups of interesting photos.

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