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Many projects of buildings oftenly requires different blocks of different configurations. They are maded from different materials: clay, pressed concrete, broken or milled stones. In first picture are shown blocks maded from mac and used from border stone to separate different levels of land.

In middle picture are shown stone blocks used for sidewalk background: clients oftenly desires blocks of different colors and original materials as well. Stone blocks - one of main building and decorative material in Norway and other Scandinavian countries, and we are using that blocks for pavements, sidewalks, grounds or various decorative squares in gardens, yards and others like them. Blocks can be made by different configuration of vertical side; then we are giving special offering for companies who's producers of building blocks. Square ornaments (one color or more) available as well depending from project and desire if client.

In third picture are shown floor of kitchen grounded in simple ceramic blocks. For floor we are using blocks produced in  Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Germany and companies of other countries. We are putting blocks in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, sitting rooms, sometimes bedrooms, basements and terraces - one of most popular contemporary design components in architecture last time. Available various compositions using different blocks - stones with broken vertical sides and natural sides using colored plastering.