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In building of  long-time constructions domination technology - bricklayering. Using bricks available to build walls who have good thermoisolation, are strong: bricklayering technology are one of more expensive, but reliability of  bricklayered houses is famous a long-time ago: many world-famous historical buildings was build using bricks: simple and profiled (gothic cathedrals). In duration of many years bricklayers of different countries created different ornaments: result depending how bricks laying in one row. Now most popular is simple ornament: in two first pictures are shown examples, there are fundamental blocks instead of bricks only.

Especially popular and visual effective are combination of colored bricks and stones. Available are different compositions and imitations of different époques and styles: Greek, roman, medieval, renaissance and others. We are trying to offer for our clients new ideas not only by them desires, but make buildings more interesting, original. Scandinavian countries is world-famous in them building traditions, and compilation of classical building traditions and new ideas can be a new conception in context of contemporary building. In third picture are shown example of one small decorative wall. Combinations of bricks and stones can be effective used in building of fences and bordering, especially when barrier must separate several different levels of land.