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Norway - country especially rich in wood resources: that's main reason helped to grove good carpenters and interesting carpentry works. We are doing practically all carpentry works: floor, parquet, walls, doors and windows fitting, steps and holders, ceiling, roof-space and many others. We also are putting so-called ,,floating floor" - You can see example of floating floor in first picture. In squirting we are using profiles of company ,,Nillson" (see more:, but sometimes we using hand-made wood profiles of our carpenters - depending by desires of our clients. We are putting wood boards in all room: in second picture are shown example including fitting rockwool under boards. Our carpenters are doing different steps and holders for terraces and balcony. We are sorry there not shown examples of that works, but we will be glad to send You our catalog - only please contact with us.

Separating walls (inside of house) and fences is one of our tasks as well, especially now when small decorative wood fences and different barriers as decorative detail of interior becames more and more popular. Using different color ingredients (but no paint), our masters makes all wood  works - practically we can to built new  living house, sauna, garage or other building from fundament till top of roof using wood only.