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We are do geodesy metering and concreting works: this is basically for fundament building In first picture are shown corner of fundament. Before concreting, we in first are making wood holders: that helps to keep exact dimension of fundament. We are doing fundament for any building: house, garage or other. Often we doing concreting after demolition works, especially in basements or lower floors, in old houses (refurbishment), when part of basic construction already are damaged of wet or by influence the time begins to fall down. Sometimes concreting we are doing for home sidewalks and squares between garage and road, home and yard.

For some constructions (fundament including) we use metal sticks: its made construction stronger. Occasionally, especially in yard works, in fresh concrete we putting small stones: its mades surface more uneven (actual in winter) or putting new alyer of concrete on old: its made straight.