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  One of first phases of new building - demolition works. We are doing full and particular demolition - its depends from project. In full demolition we are leaving only fundament (but not ever), in particular - we can leave, for example, only capital walls and basic roof constructions. Sometimes our clients desires only to take off wood only: ceiling and wall boards, doors and windows. In roof demolition we can take off old tiles leaving wood timbers, or to take off tiles and wood timbers.

In first picture shown demolition of bricklayered chimney. After demolition we never use old bricks, blocks or tiles for new works. In second and third pictures You can see workers carrying old stuff in container. In all demolition works we are sorting all stuff and carrying them in different containers: broken concrete and bricks - one container, chemistry (cans of paint) - other wood - third, plastics - fourth, metals - fifth. We are attentionally looking for security of people in demolition works: all workers are worn in helmets, special wear an gloves. In end we are fully cleaning all place of building territory - preparing square for new building staff. Cleaning works we do inside of building as well an carrying all old stuff in containers. Successful demolition helps to economy the time and to begin building works immediately. .