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Groundworkers of our company - experienced specialists in building and renovation of fundaments and other basic construction of building. In first picture shown renovation of old fundament: cleaning and preparing for plastering. In repointing of fundament, in first al surface are cleaning using compressor, next step - washing them using water stream; hard and soft. Washing old surfaces for renovation, we are using compressor ,,Karcher" produced in Germany. Small and especially damaged places our specialists preparing for renovation handly using special brushes. It helps to make renovation in high-quality: only when broken parts of concrete and dust are fully take off, then our builders are putting fresh plaster or concrete.

We are projecting and breaking channels for plumbing pipes, cables and ventilation space, putting fundament for small and middle-size buildings; joining new-build fundaments with already existing spaces for cable and pipe communications are available as well. Square of groundworking are not limited.

Renovating old fundament we guarantee than already existing fundaments, grounds painted or decorated surfaces don't be damaged of wet, snow or cold.