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Painting already are one of main works in our company. All workers have experience with paints of different companies: ,,Mestermaling" of Norway, ,, Akzo Nobel" from Sweden, ,,Tikkurilla" from Finland, ,,IG Farbenindustry" from Germany, ,,Dulux" and ,,Crown" from England. In all three pictures shown houses are painted by ,,Mestermaling" paints: they are special adapted for wet climate of Norway.

We are painting inside ant outside, houses and farms, wood constructions, metals, brickwalls, plaster surfaces.Usualy we have catalogues of different companies and offering for our clients the best warrant of color composition. Traditional colors of houses in Norway - white and red; that colors are dominating in our painting works. Non-painted (clear) surfaces we are painting in two layers, already painted (change of color) - in three. Squares of painting are not limited, in one object usually are working two painters.  

Beside simple walls, we are painting windows and doors, frames, ceiling and wall using brushes, rolls and sprayers. Painting windows, we using special tapes for glass protections and paper lists to protect plants from drops of paint (outside painting). Experience of our painters - main guarantee for fast and high-quality paining.