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    Our architects and designers can to mke project for varioushouses and other buildings: garages, saunas, steps, holders, fences, barriers, decorative gyps figures and other - its depends from desires of our clients. Computer equipment - programs Arcon, AutoCAD, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator; all drawings can be exported in Adobe PDF (Portable Digital Format); al digital drawings can be adapted for other programs (including for Apple Macintosh - format value for Adobe Illustrator format). Our architects and designers are using computers of system IBM.

All projects can be shown in 3D and printed; maximum printable area - A3. Also drawings can be recorded in different storages: USB key, CD, DVD or HD.

We are not sending our drawings in email. You can get our small catalogue, where is shown part of our works.  

You can select any material and any metal or wood construction any style of Your building and interior design. We have experienced designers and architects, which can help You in advices (please only contact us in email, fax or phone) and projects. We can to adapt new construction or part of them compilating with already existing building.