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  Doing the roofs, old roof we are fully taking off and building new by drawings of our architects.

In all pictures shown works of us roofers. Main material - wood and tiles including plastic water keepers and pipes in which waters is falling down. For good hermetization we also are using various ruberoids which lays under long wood timbers holding the tiles. Roof can be constrained in various angles by degrees.

In second picture shown constructions are stitched in metal plates which makes roof more strong for long-time. The top of ends of boards are stitched in the same plates. Boards in bottom of roof are stitched vertically (position of plates), in top - horizontally. Bottom square of roof are closed in ruberoid as well.

In third picture shown roof are closed in press-wood plates. In over of them, we are putting special wood channels, over - thin wood timbers which are keeping the tiles.