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Timber houses - popular buildings in all countries, especially in Scandinavia, Lithuania and Canada. Main wood - pine and fir tree. That wood contains straight grain, both are comfortable for working, non-high price; anyway, both are most often in Norway. That influenced popularity of timber houses. Our carpenters build timber houses from various diameter and configuration (rectangle, quadrant) timbers. Corners can be joined in all types of junction: examples are shown in pictures

In first picture - example cross-wall (in front). Timbers are joined using half-cut space; You can ask about detail drawing us by email.

In second picture - example of corner: junction of two walls. Top side of one timber are rounded, vertical sides are straight, bottom - cornered. Timber are half-cut from bottom, then he is putted on space made in other timber. Putting one by one cut timbers, are making timber wall. Vertical timber stitched horizontally put timbers making wall of timbers more stable.

In third picture shown all timber wall (diagonal-left) crossed other timber wall; timbers are joined in the same principle and between them are fitted a rockwool.